Mount Calvary Cemetery

Mt. Calvary Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery that is part of St. Joseph Weare Parish, which includes St. Vincent Church.  Any registered member (or family member) of the parish may be buried in Mt. Calvary. Others may be buried in the Cemetery, subject to availability of plots.  The family of the deceased is responsible for providing to the sexton, documentation showing ownership of the plot before a grave wil be opened on that plot.                                                                                                      


Burials per plot:  On any given plot, one casket may be buried; a vault is required.  An additional burial of one container of cremains may be buried on the same plot.  Or, two cremains may be buried on one plot.  (A cremains vault is recommended, but not required at this time.  This recommendation may be changed to a requirement without prior notice to plot owners.)

Burial fees:  Burial fees include opening and closing the grave for casket or cremains.  
Prices are listed below.

Headstones:  The monument company from which the headstone is purchased will arrange for setting of the stone and foundation pad (if needed).  In general, headstones are to be 36” long by 24” high.

Flower urns and decorations:  Flower urn must be of professional weight and construction (concrete).  Cemetery groundskeepers are not responsible for
watering or maintaining plants and flowers in the urns.  In October of each year, all urns are emptied and turned upside down by groundskeepers, and contents of the urns are disposed of.  



Casket burial, Mon - Fri

Casket burial, Weekend or Holiday

Cremains burial, Mon – Fri

Cremains burial, Weekend or Holiday

Registered Parishioners













Mt. Calvary Cemetery General Rules and Regulations

  • No driving off the established roadway
  • Maximum speed is 5 M.P.H.
  • No dogs, snowmobiles, ATV’s, or commercial vehicles unless authorized by maintenance
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol.  Do not leave alcoholic beverages on headstones (For liability purposes!)
  • No picking of flowers or defacing of memorials
  • Dispose of trash off the premises
  • Trees, shrubs, or flowers shall not be planted outside of urns. All urns must have a liner.
  • Mt. Calvary or St. Joseph’s shall not be financially responsible for any damage of lots or structures or objects removed from any lots or graves. (check your homeowner’s insurance policy about coverage of headstone damage)

Nestled among fields and orchards, Mt. Calvary Cemetery is located directly behind St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  Mt. Calvary Cemetery is known for its peaceful beauty and is well loved by our community.  

Sadly, in August 2018, a wind storm blew through and destroyed our beautiful pine trees that were over 100 years old.  The storm damage broke our hearts but we will move forward.  We must remember that the true beauty of our cemetery is not in the trees, but in our loved ones who are buried here and the good memories we have of them.

In December 2017, property was acquired to the east of the existing cemetery for a much-needed addition.  In 2019, the expansion is set to begin.  We are excited to begin this project.  We would also like input from parishioners on possible landscaping.  As much as the loss of our big trees devastated us, it does give us the opportunity to merge the old and new sections of the cemetery with similar landscaping throughout.





Cemetery Sexton

Mark Reterstoff


The Resting Place of Fr. Francis Emmerich